Antigen Rapid Test (ART)

Antigen Rapid Test (ART) is available at $35.00 (inclusive of GST) at all Minmed Clinics islandwide, as approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Get tested no more than 24 hours before your departure or before the end of the event you are attending. 

If your departure is at 5pm tomorrow, or your event is from 9am to 5pm tomorrow, please test at our clinics after 5pm the day before. The results certificate we prepare for you is valid for 24 hours typically.

If your Antigen Rapid Test (ART) result is negative, we will email you the notarised ART certificate which is typically valid for 24 hours.

For corporate enquiries, please visit this link.

What to Expect

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$35.00 (inclusive of GST)

All in, no additional charges apply

Islandwide MRT locations

Conveniently located in Shopping Malls

Open Daily, including Evenings

Travel and attend events without worry

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Online Booking, fuss free

Ensures prompt service for you when you arrive
Bring along Identity card and Passport (for travellers)

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Notarised ART certificate in 30 mins

Soft copy, for cross-border travel


HSA & MOH Approved

HSA approved test kits in MOH approved Clinic

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Frequently Asked Questions

Antigen Rapid Test (ART) for Individuals

As part of the resumption of activities in our economy, ART is useful for pre-event testing for events such as business-to-business events, wedding receptions, live performances, and sports events. The turn around time for ART results is typically within half an hour.

You will receive a certificate via email upon completion of the test. This is typically valid for 24 hours. Do ensure that the time you arrive at our clinic for the test is no more than 24 hours to the end of your event, e.g. if your event is from 9am-5pm, you should only do the test after 5pm the previous day.

ARTs are point of care tests that look for proteins on the virus surface. ARTs are cheaper and can yield fairly accurate results quickly within 30 mins. They involve using nasal swab from lower part of nose. They have a lower accuracy rate compared to PCR tests.

PCR tests detect the presence of viral genetic material in a sample. The process can take one to two days. This may not be feasible for pre-event testing. It can also be costly, and requires trained personnel and specialised equipment to administer. Swabs are taken from the back of nose, or the back of throat. PCR tests remain the most accurate tests available today.

Source: MOH

We can conduct ARTs for persons of any age.

You will need a proof of identity such as NRIC/FIN/Passport.

PRPP is an initiative of the Ministry of Health (MOH) which helps GPs digitise the pre-visit declaration process for patients visiting GP clinics.

PRPP facilitates the clinic’s assessment for COVID-19 risk, and triage of patients for segregation of high-risk versus low-risk patients. Patients’ risk levels (red, amber, green) are automatically assigned based on their conditions, travel history, contact history and clinic visit history.

The use of PRPP is mandatory for clinics when conducting ART.

The ART test kit typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete. We will email you the certificate according to the prescribed format if your ART test is negative. Please note that this certificate is typically valid for 24 hours and should cover the entire duration of your event.

If you are asymptomatic (no symptoms or not feeling unwell), you should immediately stop going to work and cancel your social activities to protect others from possibly being infected with COVID-19.
Self-isolate for at least 72 hours. This will allow you to safely recover, monitor your health and avoid spreading the virus further.

At the end of 72 hours, you should do a self-administered ART.
1) If the result is negative, you can resume your normal activities.
2) If the result is positive, continue to self-isolate.

If you feel unwell at any point, please consult the doctor at our clinics.

Yes, you may come with your friends for ART testing. Please note that safe management practices are in place at our clinics.

Yes, you may walk in to our clinic without scheduling an appointment for ART. Should there be others whom have arrived for their scheduled appointments, we will be serving them first.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment for ART, in order that we can serve you promptly.

The cost of the ART is $35.00 inclusive of gst. There are no other charges involved.

Should your ART result be positive, a PCR test will be conducted for you. The cost of the PCR test is $77.00 inclusive of gst and is not subsidized.

Yes, you can request for a copy of the ART test results free of charge at our clinics.

ART is useful for pre-event testing for events such as business-to-business events, wedding receptions, live performances, and sports events.
For travelling purposes, it depends on the country you are travelling to. You may refer to this link for more information.

Yes, Minmed is able to conduct ART testing offsite. Please complete our contact us form to submit your interest.

Offsite ART testing is subject to approval from MOH. We will coordinate a site recce with you and complete the necessary application to MOH on a complimentary basis.

Our ART team will liaise with you on operational requirements once we have received your enquiry.

The ARTs used in the pre-event testing meet the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) recommendations and have been evaluated and endorsed by the Ministry of Health . The sensitivity of the ART test kit is at 98.1% and specificity at 99.8%. This means that they will be able to pick up at least 98.1% of individuals who are infected with COVID-19, and will show a result of 0.2% false positives in healthy individuals.

ART involves using a nasal swab to take a sample from the lower part of the nose and should not be uncomfortable. You may refer to this clip to understand more of the test .

We have placed effort in raising our FAQs for our participants, copyrights of which belong to Minmed Group. Should you wish to reproduce parts of our FAQs, please email [email protected].

If ART test is inconclusive, we will conduct another ART test on the spot for you on a complimentary basis. Please note that we will not be able to provide certification for you.

If the repeat ART test remains inconclusive, we will proceed to conduct the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for you. The PCR test which will take 24-30 hours for report turnaround, you are required to remain isolated till the result is negative. Confirmatory PCR swab to each individual who tested ART-positive/double-invalid will be funded by the Government.

It is not reflected in HealthHub as your test is registered via your passport number. You will receive your pre-departure ART test results and notarised Health Certificate via email.