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6ME Foreign Domestic Worker Screening

Your helper at home requires a 6ME domestic worker screening every 6 months as part of the guidelines from Ministry of Manpower

As the employer, you will receive the notification for tests which may include:

Pregnancy              – every 6 months
Syphilis (VDRL)   – every 6 months
HIV                         – every 2 years
Tuberculosis         – once, upon 2 years of stay here in Singapore

Enjoy the convenience of our home based Six-monthly Medical Examination (6ME) for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW) screening service if your helper requires tests for Pregnancy and VDRL only.


  1. Screening that includes HIV is not available as home based 6ME FDW service.
  2. Screening for tuberculosis requires your helper to present and pay separately at a Xray facility nearby.
  3. Your appointment is fixed upon online payment. Please email [email protected] for change of appointment.
  4. Please allow one week between appointment date and examination expiry date for processing.
  5. Results will be emailed to you via soft copy within a week.
  6. Notification will be made to MOM via iSubmit by Minmed in event of positive result.
  7. $10 distance surcharge applies for Tuas and Sentosa.

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Maid Screening FAQ

What if a Chest X-ray is required?2020-07-30T17:39:55+08:00

If screening for Tuberculosis is required, the form will state a need for a Chest Xray to be conducted.

At the time of the medical examination, our mobile team will prepare a Xray request form for your helper to visit the nearest Xray facility for the test. Payment for the Xray will be made at the Xray centre. the Xray service is usually prompt and no appointment is required. We do advise however calling the centre prior to heading there for better service timings. Do check the operating hours of the centre as detailed within the form.

Upon completion of the Xray, the results will be sent to us. Our team will process the result together with the original examination form and notify you of the outcome. Should a Xray result be positive, we will contact you as the employer for further management.

What if I cannot find a time slot for booking?2020-08-05T12:07:56+08:00

Our available slots are listed online real time. Should you not be able to find a slot, it is likely that we are fully booked.

You can opt to visit our clinics for the screening service, or email [email protected] so that we can assist you with an appointment through our customer service team.

What is the process? How long will it take?2020-07-29T08:25:51+08:00

The process is straight forward. Our staff will verify the identity of the domestic worker with the original work permit.

The MOM form will have to be endorsed ID by your helper. Our staff will obtain the blood specimen and keep the medical examination form.

The entire process will take less than 20 minutes.

Please note that we will not accept photocopied work permits as verification.

Who will be conducting the examination?2020-07-29T08:24:51+08:00

Our mobile team are certified and trained in phlebotomy (blood taking) and will be the one conducting the screening.

We will identify ourselves with a pass bearing Minmed identity for verification. In event of doubt, please contact 6339 9339.

Why are employer details required?2020-07-29T08:23:56+08:00

You are our primary source of contact and updates. We will require your details as the employer (name, contact number and email) in order that we are able to reach you as part of results follow up.

Please note that the location for medical screening should be stated for the domestic worker. Your presence as the employer is not mandatory during screening.

What are the available hours?2020-07-29T08:23:27+08:00

Our service hours for home based foreign domestic worker screening are from 9am-5pm on weekdays only. Public holidays are excluded.

Available dates and time slots will be shown according to your zones at the point of booking.

What if I am late?2020-07-29T08:22:55+08:00

A 1 week buffer is required between the appointment date and the screening due date. We will need 3 days for results processing.

We regret that we are unable to expedite on this process. Should you be unable to complete the examination in the said time, please approach MOM prior to booking with us.

Can I have a hard copy of results?2020-08-05T12:18:00+08:00

Our email will carry a soft copy of the results.

Should you require a hardcopy of the results, please visit any of our 8 clinics islandwide.

What if we are not home?2020-07-29T08:21:22+08:00

The service charge is for our phlebotomy and examination service and is inclusive of transportation.

In the event that your helper is not home, we will attempt to reach you via handphone at the time of visit. A transport charge of $20 is payable if a repeat visit has to be made.

Alternatively, your helper can choose to visit the nearest Minmed clinic to complete the examination without further charges.

What do I need to prepare?2020-07-29T08:20:47+08:00

On the day of the visit, your helper should be home with the original work permit as well as the original MOM 6ME form. Whilst the employer is not home, it is best that a family member is also available to assist incase there are queries that our team member may have.

How do I book 6ME for my domestic helper?2020-07-29T08:19:30+08:00

Visit here for more information.

Choose according to your housing zone and available dates and times will be shown for your selection immediately. Your booking is confirmed upon completion of payment. You will receive an email notification with the selected date and time as well as the receipt.

It is important that your appointment date is at least 7 days before the examination due date stated within the MOM 6ME form, so that there is suitable processing time.

Should you need to change your appointment, please email [email protected].

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