On Demand House Call Doctor Anytime

Need medical care at home?

Have our doctor make a house call at your residence to assess and treat you. Make an appointment, or request for a visit anytime round the clock.

What our House Call Doctor can do

Assess your acute ailment

Diagnose and treat cough, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, fever, back pain, rashes, or any other matter you would see a doctor at a clinic for

Manage your chronic condition

Take care of your hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, gout, and get them controlled nice and good

Conduct bedside procedures

Incision and drainage, toilet and suture, wound care, nebuliser, point of care tests, injections and prescriptions

Perform vaccinations and assessment

Assess development of your child and complete vaccinations according to the national vaccination programme schedule

Execute Lasting Power of Attorney

Assess and certify a patient's mental capacity, explain and issue legal documents necessary for a LPA

Provide Certification of Death

Pronounce and certify a patient's cause, date and time of death, with issuance of digital CCOD

Book Now

Charges are from $165.00 (inclusive of GST), and includes doctor’s consultation and transport to your residence.

Additional fees apply for medication as well as bedside procedures, and will be informed to you at the time of attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor House Call

Doctor house calls can be beneficial for patients who are unable to visit a clinic or a hospital due to mobility issues, transportation problems, or a medical condition that makes it difficult for them to travel.

Doctor house calls can provide a variety of medical services, including routine check-ups, diagnostic testing, medication management, and treatment of acute or chronic illnesses.

To schedule a doctor house call, you can book using our online calendar and receive an email notification immediately. Our service team may also contact you via phone call or message.

The cost of a doctor house call starts from $165.00 (inclusive of GST), and includes doctor’s consultation and transport. Additional fees apply for medication and/ or bedside procedures. These will be informed to you at the time of attendance.

During a doctor house call, the doctor will perform a medical assessment, take vital signs, and discuss any concerns or symptoms. They may also provide treatment, prescribe medication, or recommend further testing or follow-up care.

To prepare for a doctor house call, you should provide your medical history and current medications, have a list of questions or concerns ready to discuss, and make sure your home is clean and organized to facilitate the visit.

The doctor carries a limited range of medication and may dispense it to you immediately, if available. If not, the prescribed medication will be delivered to your home via courier within 3 hours. Delivery fees are waived.

A doctor house call is a type of medical service where a doctor or a healthcare professional comes to the patient’s home to provide medical care.

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