Thank you for vaccinating with Minmed!

As you spend the 30 minutes with us at the COVID-19 Vaccination Cenre observation station, here are some useful information and resources that you might find handy.

What happens after your COVID-19 vaccination?

Like all vaccines, there may be side effects. Most side effects are mild or moderate, and usually get better within a few days. They may include:

Pain, redness or swelling at the injection site
Fever or chills,
Headache, muscle pain, joint pain
Lymph node swelling at neck or arms

What can I do after the COVID-19 vaccination?

See a doctor if:
The side effects persis or get worse
The fever persists for more than 48 hours (2 days)

You may also teleconsult our doctors via Minmed Connect App for a complimentary teleconsultation for post vaccination related symptoms using the link below.

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Complimentary Teleconsult on Minmed Connect

Consult a Minmed Doctor for post COVID-19 vaccination related symptoms. Use Code IMVS2021 before starting the video consultation.

Please note that medication charges, if any, will apply.

Download Minmed Connect app.

What else is there?

Take a selfie and tag #iamvaccinatedsg

Vaccination has its privileges.
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About #iamvaccinatedsg movement

A great way to jab. To encourage everyone to be vaccinated and protected against COVID-19. Post a selfie, share about the perks. Do your part because every vaccination counts.

Joint collaboration by Minmed Group and Intergrated Health Information Systems (IHiS) to achieve a common goal to a Vaccinated Nation.

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