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Onsite Health Screening

With 18 years of onsite health screening work behind us, it is little wonder why 70,000 happy people from 500 companies choose Minmed annually.
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Onsite Health Screening FAQ

What is Onsite Health Screening? What does it cover?2020-07-28T14:24:35+08:00

Onsite Health Screening is a yearly exercise where Minmed mobile teams will visit your office to provide health screening services to your staff. Customized test packages typically include height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes screening. Optional packages are available for take up.

Offices will receive their health reports online within the next working day. A corporate profile will be raised based on the identified results and submitted to the HR/committee with workplace health programme recommendations.

Onsite Health Screening is a great way of enhancing employee welfare and benefits.

Are there grants and subsidies for Onsite Health Screening?2020-07-28T14:29:11+08:00

Grants are available from the Health Promotion Board for the take up of onsite health screening. Complimentary health screening is also available as part of our corporate wellness solution. Email [email protected] and our friendly certified consultants will be happy to share with you available programmes after reviewing your corporate health needs.

What does the office need to do or provide?2020-07-28T14:30:14+08:00

Having done onsite health screening for almost 2 decades, we have established protocols and processes in place to ensure that your health screening exercise is convenient and fast.

We will need provisioning of a space typically between 200 to 500 sqft (typical office conference room) depending on the number of people to be screened. We will need in addition, convenient power points for our equipment.

We will provide signages, stationery and equipment necessary for a seamless health screening experience.

What happens before the day of screening?2020-07-28T14:31:08+08:00

A typical lead time of 4 weeks is needed prior to screening. Depending on your need, we will provide micro sites, email newsletters and hard copy posters to assist in raising awareness for the health screening campaign.

Online registration will open and staff registered will receive email confirmation and SMS reminders before the screen. Our project manager will update you on registration and rates at intervals prior to the screen.

How is screening conducted? How long does it take?2020-07-28T14:31:39+08:00

Screening typically occurs between 9am to 12pm, although variations may be made to accommodate your needs. Our staff will arrive 1 hour before the start of screening in order that we can set up the room and prepare the necessary equipment.

Staff who arrive for screening will take typically 20 to 40 minutes to complete the process.

Who is eligible for Onsite Health Screening?2020-07-28T14:32:21+08:00

Staff who are above 21 years of age are eligible for screening. There is no applicable upper age limit.

Test should be taken according to recommendations available here.

What happens after the onsite exercise?2020-07-28T14:34:10+08:00

The onsite exercise typically ends before noon. Our mobile team will restore the site to its original condition and inform the site personnel before leaving.

Participants will receive their health screening results electronically on the next working day. Your corporate health profile will arrive within a month and our programme coordinators will touch base with you again for your further health needs.

Staff who have missed the onsite exercise may opt for health screening at our centre in Paragon.

What about the next year?2020-07-28T14:34:50+08:00

We hope you will return to us!

Following the onsite exercise, you may wish to consider our corporate workplace health programmes and solutions. These may address the health needs of staff as identified within the corporate health report.

Our staff will contact you in the months living up to next year’s health screening.

Can I have it as part of a health carnival?2020-07-28T14:35:25+08:00


Many clients opt to introduce a carnival atmosphere to their onsite exercise. Our vendor partners provide Food and Fruits, Sports merchandise, Supplements, Onsite massage, Optical screening and prescription and more. Do speak with our programme coordinator prior to screening.

Please note however, the deployment of vendors is subject to minimum attendees.

How do I register for health screening at my office?2020-07-06T15:41:56+08:00

Your HR and/or Wellness committee will inform you of the upcoming health screening exercise at your office, typically in the month leading up to the onsite exercise. Please refer to the respective links for registration.

You will receive an email confirmation following successful registration.

What is the lifestyle survey for? How will the results be used?2020-07-06T15:42:43+08:00

The lifestyle survey is a survey poll conducted to gather information on your health and lifestyle habits.

The responses will be collated on a de-identified manner and presented as a corporate health profile to the Wellness committee. This will allow appropriate health programmes to be considered as a follow-up to the health screening exercise.

You may refer to your HR and/or Wellness committee should you wish to understand the corporate health profile better.

What is the process of health screening like in my office?2020-07-06T15:43:24+08:00

On the day of screening, our mobile teams will conduct necessary set-up in a suitable space allotted to us.

Clear guides will take you through registration, clinical measurements and phlebotomy stations. Our staff will be at hand to explain and answer any queries that you may have.

In view of Covid19, safe measure practices have been put in place.

A typical screening process is expected to take 30 to 45 minutes.

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