Physiotherapy clinic Singapore

Physiotherapy Clinic

We promote a healthier lifestyle. Our target is to maximise functional status of individuals through pain management, increasing joint mobility, strengthening core muscles, and improving balance and coordination. Minmed physiotherapy clinic maintains high standards leveraging on the latest technology, instruments and engaging qualified experienced physiotherapists registered with Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC), Singapore.

What we Offer?

We offer comprehensive physiotherapy treatment for sports injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, neurological disorders, paediatric conditions, chest physiotherapy, women’s health and geriatric conditions.

Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal conditions

Our Physiotherapists assess and treat conditions and injuries of the musculoskeletal system to reduce pain and optimise functions and are trained in the treatment of post-operative orthopaedic procedures, post fractures stiffness, acute and chronic injuries, arthritis, sprains, strains, neck and back pain etc. We specialise in joint and spine mobilisation, manipulation therapy, prescribing therapeutic exercises, muscle re-education, heat therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasonic therapy etc.

Physiotherapy for Sport Injuries

Some injuries are common to a particular sport depending upon the demands, repetitive nature of movements when someone is involved in a sports activities regularly. Our Physiotherapists are not only experienced in treating your injuries but will help you reduce the chances of developing a tear in the ligaments by strengthening your appropriate group of muscles. The structured exercise plans will help you to gain strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.

Physiotherapy for Children

Our aim is to integrate children with physical disabilities into the mainstream education. We conduct assessment and treatment for a range of conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spina Bifida, Down’s syndrome and postoperative conditions to improve their functions to ensure the best outcomes for your child.

Chest Physiotherapy

Chest physiotherapy improves your lung functions and helps you breathe better. Our Physiotherapists will assist you in learning how to strengthen your respiratory muscles through appropriate techniques of breathing exercises. Nebulizer treatments to moisten secretions open the airways and also suctioning to remove secretions that you can’t cough out is available at our clinic.

Electrotherapy and Advance technology

We have a strong focus on using advanced rehab technologies as such we ensure availability of technologically advance physiotherapy equipment for our patients that are safe, efficient and cost effective.

Home Based Physiotherapy

Patients with spinal injuries or stroke of other neurological conditions require long term care or end of life care may contact us for an appointment for home based physiotherapy. Our Physiotherapists will provide home based caregivers’ trainings to enhance their quality of life through teaching proper transferring techniques, exercises to prevent contractures and deformities, advice on home modifications, chest physiotherapy for chronic geriatric conditions and those are staying at their own home.

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Physiotherapy session:

  • $120 for 45 minute session
  • $20 for subsequent 15 minutes