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HERITAGE – Paragon Screening (Non-Fasting)

$1,489.00 Price includes GST
Feel at ease at our flagship clinic at Paragon, and have your screening tests and imaging studies done in one convenient stop. Packages are tailored to your health concerns, age, risk factors, medical and family history. Core tests cover checks of the heart, kidney, liver, bone and joints, blood and more: Medical Consultation Medical Consultation and Physical Examination by a doctor Biometric Parameters Height & Weight (BMI) Blood Pressure Visual Acuity Colour Vision Body Fat Analysis Waist-Hip Ratio Other Tests Tonometry Chest X-ray Resting Electrocardiogram 2D Echocardiogram Choice of 2 tests: - Mammogram - Ultrasound Breast - Ultrasound Prostate - Ultrasound Pelvis - Treadmill Stress Test Urine & Stool Analysis Urine FEME Stool Occult Blood Urine Microalbumin to Creatinine Ratio Blood Analysis HbA1C Blood Cholesterol Full Blood Count Kidney Function Liver Function VDRL Bone Disease Gout Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Thyroid Function (FT4,TSH) Rheumatoid Factor Hepatitis C Helicobacter Pylori Heart Screen - Apolipoprotein A - Apolipoprotein B - Apo B/A1 Ratio - HsCRP Tumor Markers - AFP (Liver) - CEA (Colon) - PSA (Prostate) / CA125 (Ovaries) - CA19.9 (Pancreas) - EBV EA IgA (Nose) - Beta HCG (Testicular) / CA15.3 (Breast) Deficiency Screen - Vitamin D - Vitamin B12 - Folate - Iron Medical Report & Review Report review with Doctor Lifestyle Counselling ┬╗View PRE-SCREENING GUIDE It is recommended to conduct your health screening 2 weeks after any vaccine administration.