Virtual Corporate Services


Healthcare you trust, right where you are. Tap on the world of virtual possibility with our digitalised and innovative virtual services for your employees.

Our 4-Pronged Approach

Virtual Workout

19 virtual workout fitness types available on the go for your employees. Have up to 500 pax join at one go and exercise live together!

The Virtual Kitchen

Up to 350 Virtual health programmes of different genres such as Mental, Nutrition, General, Chronic Health available for selection.

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Teleconsult Doc

Unwell employees may video-consult a SG-registered doctor from home and await to receive the medications with no delivery charge.

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Homebased Screen

Your employees can now have their health screening done at home and complete the report review via teleconsult the next working day.


Benefits of Virtual Health Programmes


Never have to worry about unavailability or capacity limit of meeting rooms. Host a virtual session anytime and welcome up to 500 pax to join.


Workplace Health Outreach has always been a challenge for many organisations as it can be difficult for employees to make time and attend physical workshops. With our virtual platform, we are seeing a positive jump of at least 100% in attendance for our virtual programmes.

Safety and Continuity

Social distancing is one of the key measures to mitigate Covid cases hence enabling virtual health programmes helps to minimize mass gatherings whilst ensuring the continuity of workplace health initiatives.


The virtual platform allows up to 500 pax to join as compared to a physical programme with capacity limitation due to space. Employees may all come live together and exercise with one another!


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