About Us

Founded in 2002, Minmed Group is a multifaceted healthcare group with focus on health screening, health promotion and education, primary healthcare and diagnostic imaging.


We believe in harnessing technology to improve health through screening, fitness,
and nutrition by placing access in your hands and building support around you.


Technology propels us

Early database applications began in 2008, allowing us to serve online reports promptly with robust protocols. Our push continues daily in this changing landscape so that we stay relevant for you.

Data matters

Being at work for two decades means we hold the key to valuable past information so that we can plan customised journeys for you. It is the foundation for data analytics, algorithm building, machine learning for more precise healthcare solutions.

Our people matter

With a dynamic workforce and a flat hierarchy, getting things done fast comes easy. Learning, testing and growing form our cultural DNA. Often, the bestest of ideas comes from the simplest of us.

The consumer sits in the centre of it all

Your longitudinal journey with us, the user experience, and your touch points with our staff are carefully thought through and served with heart. We are about solutions, not services, and you deserve horizons, not transactions.