Fitness classes in Singapore

Fitness classes in Singapore at studios and unique settings led by qualified instructors.

Minmed Cycle Page (Jewel)

Rhythm Cycle

Cycle to the beat on high energy in an immersive environment to your favorite music genres

Rhythm Cycle Tryout

Cycling designed for new riders with personalised guidance from our instructors on bike set-up

Minmed Fitness - Pilates Reformer

Reformer Pilates

On trend Pilates with a specialised machine for added resistance and total-body sculpting

Wellness Photos-Pilates


Controlled movements and mindful breathing for improved posture, muscle strength and body control

Wellness Photos-Yoga


Mind-body practice that combines physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation for overall wellbeing

Wellness Photos-Barre


Ballet inspired low impact exercise that focuses on core strength, flexibility and overall body alignment

Minmed Fitness - Aquaflow

AquaFlow HIIT

High-intensity workout combining cardio bursts with strength training using water-filled bags

Minmed Fitness - Saber Sculpt

Saber Sculpt

Channel your inner Jedi through a high-energy workout while sculpting your core, arms, and legs

Minmed Fitness - Boxing


Jab, hook, and cross your way to a stronger you, that relieves stress and improves body power

Minmed Fitness - Jump Fitness

Jump Fitness

Jump high on a trampoline with killer beats in an intense workout that defies gravity and limits