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Staying healthy means that the recommended 150min per week of exercise becomes an integral part of you.

Minmed Fitness Division oversees the implementation and conduct of Fitness Sessions under the following programmes.

Sundays at the Park

Conducted on Sunday mornings and evenings across more than 80 parks, Minmed supports the Health Promotion Board for Sundays at the Park.

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Mall Workout

Conducted across more than 30 shopping malls across Singapore, Mall Workout is a hugely popular programme run by the Health Promotion Board.

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Community Physical Activity 

Fitness in the community means Minmed partners the Health Promotion Board to conduct sessions in the heartlands at CCs and RCs for young and old.

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Should you wish to organise fitness sessions for your organisation in the office or for an event, please email

Are you a passionate Trainer who is ready to be a part of the Fitness Movement?

If you have

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 –  Valid Certification in AED and CPR administration

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