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Health Screening Services have resumed from 19th Jun 2020.

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Onsite Health Screening FAQ

How do I choose my health screening tests?2020-07-06T13:43:29+08:00

Recommended health screening guidelines are available here. You are encouraged to refer to this list when making your selection.

Pre-screening consultation with our doctors is available here. This is extended on a complimentary basis, even if you do not decide to go for health screening thereafter.

At the time of health screening, you may further discuss your selection with our team. It is important that you select your health screening tests with appropriate guidelines, information and advice available.

How do I reschedule my appointment?2020-07-06T13:45:32+08:00

If you need to reschedule your health screening appointment, please email [email protected].

What happens if I miss my appointment?2020-07-06T13:46:33+08:00

If you have missed your health screening appointment, please email [email protected] to schedule an appointment at Minmed Health Screeners.

Can I have an MC/timechit for health screening?2020-07-06T13:47:09+08:00

We recognize that health screening can take a variable period of up to 2 hours. A timechit can be prepared on your request.

As health screening is done when you are well, we are unable to provide medical certificate for health screening visits.

What do I need to prepare for health screening?2020-07-06T13:49:45+08:00

In general, fasting for at least 6 hours is necessary when tests for cholesterol and blood glucose are involved. Drinking plain water is encouraged. You may continue to take your regular medication for chronic diseases (e.g. hypertension, cholesterol) but are to omit your diabetic medication until you have taken your breakfast.

Please bring along:
– Identification – NRIC/Work Permit/Passport
– Company letter, authorisation letter or staff pass (where available)
– Medical report and radiology films/reports from last health screening (where available)

See our pre-screening guide for more information.

For instructions pertaining to specific tests, please see refer to specific tests under FAQ.

What is the health screening process like?2020-07-06T13:50:40+08:00

On arrival, we will verify your identity and registration in a contactless manner. Payment, where necessary will also be collected.

You may also be required to complete a pre-screening questionnaire prior to, or upon your arrival.

Clinical parameters (e.g. height, weight, blood pressure) will be taken. Our staff will guide you through necessary stations in a safe and efficient manner. The blood test will be conducted usually at the last station. Our phlebotomists are trained to ensure that your health screening is a comfortable one.

The screening process may take a variable 30 to 90 minutes.

When and how do I receive my report?2020-07-06T13:52:10+08:00

Your health screening results will typically be available on the next working day, except for selected tests and/or imaging studies.

You will receive a notification via email once the results are ready. Kindly login to your account here. Please note that your report is available only after you authenticate using an SMS OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Your health screening is complete only with a doctor’s review. You may arrange an appointment for a teleconsult review here.

What should I do after I receive my results?2020-07-06T13:54:03+08:00

Your health screening is complete only with a doctor’s review. You are encouraged to make an appointment for complimentary teleconsult here.

Should you request a face-to-face consultation, please email [email protected].

You may also refer to our online health screening glossary.

Here are a few pointers for your reference:

  • No definite diagnosis may be made from test results alone, and test results should be correlated with your medical history and other clinical findings.
  • Screening tests may carry limitations in the capacity to identify or rule out the presence or absence of a condition. Normal test results may not necessarily mean the absence of a medical condition.
  • The majority (about 95%) of a normal population test results will fall within the normal range. About 5% of the normal population test results may be slightly above or below the normal level.
  • It is an acceptable fact that a normal person’s test results may fluctuate at different times although still within the normal range. This occurrence may be due to diet or other factors.
Tell me about your health screening portal.2020-07-06T13:55:29+08:00

Health screening registration may be conducted via our portal.

For health screening at Minmed Health Screeners in Paragon, you may register for your screening appointment here.

If you are registering for screening at your office, please refer to the unique registration link sent to you via your HR and/or Wellness committee.

Your electronic health screening result may be retrieved 24/7 via our secure portal here. Please note that 2 Factor Authentication via SMS OTP to your registered mobile number is necessary before report retrieval.

What if I have forgotten my password?2020-07-06T13:56:27+08:00

If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password here.

If you do not receive your SMS OTP within 15 minutes, please email [email protected].

How do I prepare for Urine tests?2020-07-06T13:57:30+08:00

Urine tests available may include urine dipstick, urine full examination and microscopic examination (UFEME) and urine micro albumin to creatinine ratio.

These tests involve the collection of a clean specimen of urine midstream. During the collection process, please collect the specimen in the bottle midway through the stream. Kindly avoid collecting the first drops of urine as they appear as this may cause the specimen to be contaminated by skin cells and affecting your results.

Kindly refrain from submitting your urine specimen when you are having your menses. It is advisable to wait till day 5 of your menstrual cycle (with day 1 being the first day of your menstrual period) for better accuracy.

How do I prepare for Stool tests?2020-07-06T13:58:33+08:00

The stool test tests for the presence of microscopic blood cells which may not be visible to the human eye.

When collecting the specimen, please use the spatula available in the lid of the container. A small specimen of stool is adequate for analysis. Please note that specimens should be submitted to the clinic on the same day before 3pm (for weekdays) and 11am (for weekends).

If your selected stool test is the conventional faecal blood test (non immunological), you are advised to abstain from consumption of meats 3 days before the study.

How do I prepare for ECG tests?2020-07-06T13:59:15+08:00

The Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) test is conducted by our technicians to assess the electrical rhythm of your heart.

This test involves the placement of sticker electrodes on your chest as well as your limbs as you lie on the couch. This test typically takes 15 minutes.

Please wear a two-piece outfit to facilitate placement of the chest electrodes. For your comfort, ECGs are conducted only by our female technicians.

How do I prepare for Treadmill Stress tests?2020-07-06T13:59:49+08:00

The Treadmill Stress test or Cardiac Stress test involves the monitoring of the electrical rhythm of your heart as you exercise on a treadmill. Whilst the test takes 30 to 45 minutes including preparation, the actual running time is typically less than 12 minutes.

The test is undertaken by a trained technician with a doctor within the same test premise. It is advisable that you have a light meal and abstain from caffeine prior to the test. Please wear comfortable walking/running shoes as well as a two-piece outfit. The latter is to facilitate placement of test electrodes on your chest.

Please bring a list of your current medication on the day of the study.

How do I prepare for Ultrasound tests?2020-07-06T14:01:02+08:00

Ultrasound studies are a non-invasive way of evaluating soft tissues and organs as part of the health screening process.

If you are having an ultrasound examination of your abdomen, please fast for at least 6 hours. You are encouraged to drink at least 4 cups of water and avoid going to the toilet prior to ultrasound of the pelvis and/or prostate. Please come in loose comfortable attire.

The sonographer will apply a clear viscous gel to the area of examination. An average study may take up to 30 minutes.

As ultrasounds do not involve xrays, it is safe for pregnant and/or breastfeeding moms.

How do I prepare for Mammogram tests?2020-07-06T15:35:25+08:00

The Mammogram study is an evaluation of the breasts using xrays, and is recommended for ladies above 40 years of age.

Please wear a two-piece outfit and avoid the use of deodorant, lotion, perfume and talc on the day of the study. An optimum window for the test is within 2 weeks after menstruation.

The test will be conducted by our female radiographer. During the process, there will be light firm compression of your breasts which can be uncomfortable. This is unfortunately necessary for proper evaluation.

The mammogram is expected to take under 20 minutes.

How do I prepare for Xray tests?2020-07-06T15:36:01+08:00

Xrays involve the study of a limited body area for evaluation. Minmed uses a digital radiography solution which keeps the amount of radiation and the incidence of retakes as low as possible.

No preparation is necessary. Ladies who are pregnant or possibly pregnant are advised NOT to take X-ray tests, and must inform us before taking such tests.

Can I go for health screening when I am pregnant/breastfeeding?2020-07-07T11:22:59+08:00

When pregnant, you will typically be seeing your obstetrician regularly for follow-up and antenatal care. Screening tests necessary (e.g. screening for gestational diabetes) will typically be conducted at your O&G clinic. It is thus recommended that you do not undergo health screening with us when pregnant.

If you do wish to, you are encouraged to only evaluate your lipid profile and fasting glucose.

Certain vaccinations may not be administered when you are pregnant. Please check with our doctors for suitability via teleconsult here.

If you are breastfeeding, it is acceptable to undergo health screening. However, this should not take place in lieu of or before your post natal follow up with your obstetrician.

Can I go for health screening when I am having my menses?2020-07-07T11:22:53+08:00

It is acceptable to go for health screening when you are having your menses. However, if there is a urine test component, it is recommended that you submit your urine specimen after day 5 of your menses (with day 1 being the first day of your menstrual period).

Pap smear studies should not be conducted until after day 8 of menses.

Can I go for health screening when I am feeling unwell?2020-07-07T11:22:49+08:00

If you are feeling unwell, please postpone your health screening as it is an elective procedure.

You may email [email protected] to reschedule an appointment, whether it is at your office or at Minmed Health Screeners.

How do I register for health screening at my office?2020-07-06T15:41:56+08:00

Your HR and/or Wellness committee will inform you of the upcoming health screening exercise at your office, typically in the month leading up to the onsite exercise. Please refer to the respective links for registration.

You will receive an email confirmation following successful registration.

What is the lifestyle survey for? How will the results be used?2020-07-06T15:42:43+08:00

The lifestyle survey is a survey poll conducted to gather information on your health and lifestyle habits.

The responses will be collated on a de-identified manner and presented as a corporate health profile to the Wellness committee. This will allow appropriate health programmes to be considered as a follow-up to the health screening exercise.

You may refer to your HR and/or Wellness committee should you wish to understand the corporate health profile better.

What is the process of health screening like in my office?2020-07-06T15:43:24+08:00

On the day of screening, our mobile teams will conduct necessary set-up in a suitable space allotted to us.

Clear guides will take you through registration, clinical measurements and phlebotomy stations. Our staff will be at hand to explain and answer any queries that you may have.

In view of Covid19, safe measure practices have been put in place.

A typical screening process is expected to take 30 to 45 minutes.