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Teleconsult our doctors online through a video call and have your medication delivered to you. 

Download our Minmed Connect app and see a Singapore-registered tele doctor within minutes.

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Easy steps to get you going

  • Create an account on our App

    Download the Minmed Connect app and create an account using Google, Apple or your email. Add your corporate plan card if we are your partner provider.

  • Videoconsult our Minmed Tele Doctor

    Select "See Doctor". Opt to Videoconsult now or Schedule an appointment.

  • Complete your Consultation and Payment

    Review the invoice in app and complete your payment after the tele-consultation.

  • Await arrival of Medication

    Have your verification code ready as your courier delivers the medication within 3 hours. Electronic medical certificate is available within the app.

Suitable Conditions

Acute illnesses:

  • Fever
  • Cough, cold, runny nose
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea
  • Headache and Giddiness
  • Rashes and Eczema
  • Red eye

Chronic conditions/ Others:

  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Family planning
  • Erectile Disfunction

Safety comes above all

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Not everything can

Conditions not suitable for telemedicine include: chest pain, shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain, fever more than 3 days, stroke-like symptoms, trauma with open wound.


Our doctors come trained

Our Minmed Tele Doctors conducting teleconsult are fully registered with Singapore medical council and have completed the mandatory e-training for telemedicine providers in Singapore.

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See you at the clinic

If your condition is not suitable for telemedicine, do visit our Minmed clinics Singapore. Obtain your queue number through our app and reduce your waiting time.

The app that has it all

  1. Teleconsult A Doctor
  2. Book a Health Screening Appointment
  3. Get a Queue number for our Clinics
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Frequently Asked Questions

Teleconsult a Doctor

Teleconsult Doctor is the digital arm that complements the healthcare services offered by our chain of 8 clinics.The scope of services include:

  • General medical consultation
  • Chronic medication replenishment
  • Laboratory and health screening results review
  • Travel medication advice
  • Specialist referrals

Teleconsult Doctor is purposed for management of non-emergent medical issues only. Please approach the nearest clinic or A&E for urgent medical concerns. Should a face to face consultation be warranted, the Teleconsult Doctor session will be cancelled and no charges apply.

To derive the best outcome, we would suggest having the following equipment to obtain some vital statistics prior to the consultation:

Thermometer – record your current temperature

Blood pressure machine – record your blood pressure

Weighing scale – record your body weight

Torchlight – to better illuminate the throat or other areas of concern

Glucometer – record your random blood glucose level (for diabetics)

Where possible, photographs of conditions such as skin rash, infection or open wounds should be uploaded before consultation. Likewise, laboratory results, health screening reports and recent medical reports should be uploaded using the “upload image” button.

List of conditions suitable for Teleconsult Doctor (non-exhaustive):

Sore throat, cough, runny nose, flu, fever.

Headache and migraine

Diarrhoea, vomiting or constipation

Skin rash, cold sores, acne

Urinary tract infections

Menstrual issues

Gastric pain

Conjunctivitis with no visual disturbances

Muscle ache, heel pain, gout.

Teleconsult Doctor is designed to manage non-emergency medical issues.List of conditions NOT suitable for Teleconsult Doctor (non-exhaustive):

  • Emergency conditions such as chest pain, deep/bleeding wounds, severe shortness of breath, seizures, severe pain, sudden onset weakness, numbness or slurred speech, suspected fractures
  • Non-minor conditions
  • Dizziness or loss of balance
  • Asthma
  • Abdominal pain with fever
  • Fever longer than 3 days duration
  • Any injuries
  • First diagnosis of chronic disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol

Invoices, MCs and Referral letters will be sent within the app electronically. You can visit the records section where documents pertaining to all visits will be held securely for your access.

DigiMC is an initiative by GovTech Singapore. It is an online version of a paper medical certificate (MC) and is accessed via a unique link under the main domain.

Minmed uses the DigiMC platform. Following your consultation, we will send a unique link for the MC issued to you in-app. You can choose to forward this link to your employer or relevant parties.

As a computer generated MC, the doctor’s signature is not required. Authenticity of the MC is verified by way of the domain here.

For more information, please visit this link.

If you are using our services as your Corporate Panel clinic, you would pay the same amount as you would at our clinic physically. No additional charges apply.

Medication will be charged separately. No delivery fee will be charged for medication. Surcharge of $10 applies to delivery for Sentosa & Tuas area.

Anyone can use the Minmed Connect app for Teleconsultation. Consultation for those under 18 years of age should preferably be accompanied by an adult. It is often difficult for a full and clear assessment to be done for children under the age of 2 years, and so a face to face consult at the clinic is more appropriate.

Teleconsultation for seniors are conducted with a high margin of safety. It is best that an accompanying member of the family should be in attendance to assist in video clarity and communication. Assessment of the elderly may be more difficult given comorbidities and it may be more appropriate for face to face consults of the elderly to occur at the clinic.

Yes, you can get a teleconsult for a dependant in your family. During the profile set up, you may add a dependant (child/ senior) by furnishing his/her details as well as photo identity images.

You may also add them under the account section under Family Group Info.

The waiting time is dependent on the existing number of patients in the queue as well as the number of providers available. Our average waiting time is around 5-15 minutes.

Should you experience a long waiting time due to overwhelming demand, please consider booking an appointment for Teleconsult on the app.

The Minmed Connect app teleconsultation service is accessible in Singapore with an active internet connection. However, it’s not available for teleconsultation with our doctors from overseas.

Our Teleconsult operating hours are available 24 hours daily including Public Holidays.

Our teleconsultation service is manned by a team of Doctors registered by the Singapore Medical Council.

There will be situations where assessment of your condition via teleconsult cannot be achieved safely.

Our doctors will advise the necessary cause of action which may include a referral to the nearest A&E department, or to a clinic near you for a face to face consult.In these cases, the teleconsultation will be aborted and no fees will be charged.

Existing Telemedicine guidelines mandate that there should be 2-way video and voice feeds between the physician and the patient.

The video feed during a consult should not be turned off.

Video or voice connections may drop occasionally as they are contingent on connectivity speeds.

In the event that connection is lost transiently during the consult, resulting in loss of voice or video feeds on either party, the app will automatically reconnect once online.

In the event that the call is dropped, please exit and reopen the app. A notification for continuation will reappear and your existing connection with the doctor will be re-established. If you do not receive this notification, please resubmit a request for Teleconsultation.

In the event that this problem cannot be overcome, the Teleconsult should be aborted and no fees will be charged. You are advised to visit a clinic for a face to face consultation of your condition.

Your consultation ends when your doctor has explained the provisional diagnosis as well as the treatment plan. The video connection can be ended by either party by pressing the red end call button.

Further to the end of Teleconsultation, your doctor will need time to complete entry of the prescription, as well as prepare any supporting documentation. Our clinic assistants will follow up immediately to review and prepare the prescription, invoices, MCs and/or referrals. When this backend process is complete, you will receive an in-app notification that your consultation summary is ready for your review. You will be presented with the diagnosis, the prescription as well as the payment invoice.

Please pay the invoiced amount via credit card or paypal and select the mode of delivery (delivery to your home, or self pick-up at the nearest Minmed clinic ). The courier will deliver your medicine upon completion of payment.

Medication will be delivered in a one use tamper-proof sealed bag to your address within 3 hours. Next day delivery will apply for teleconsult after 8pm.

Delivery fee is waived. Surcharge of $10 applies to delivery for Sentosa & Tuas area.

A 6 digit delivery verification code will be displayed within your app once payment has been completed. Your courier will ask for this verification code upon delivery of medication.

You may also opt to collect your medication at our clinics by selecting the pick-up option during payment. Medical certificates (MC), referrals, invoices will be sent to you electronically. We will send your MC via DigiMC.

No, you do not need to purchase the medication prescribed.

However, existing guidelines do not allow for electronic prescription of our medication. You may visit our clinic for a hardcopy of the prescription at no added charge.

Yes, you may. However, for security reasons, our courier will need the 6 digit delivery verification code on your Minmed Connect app in order for medication to be delivered.

Once the delivery courier has been triggered, the delivery timing and location cannot be amended. However, if the parcel cannot be received, the package will be returned to our clinic. You may then choose to pick up the package from our clinic thereafter at no added fee.

If the parcel cannot be received, the package will be returned to our clinic. You may then choose to pick up the package from our clinic thereafter at no added fee.

You can obtain a physical copy of the MC and/or invoice at any of our 8 clinics. This is not chargeable.

If you continue to be unwell, further to the expiry of your medical certificate, you should seek a review with our doctors. Whilst the teleconsult service continues to be available, we do advise you to visit our clinics for a face to face consultation if you continue to feel unwell further to the first teleconsult.

Teleconsultation for acute ailments is not covered by the CHAS card.

If you are a CHAS card holder and has been under our care for management of chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, interval review via teleconsult using our app is permitted. Our doctors will advise you on eligibility and suitability during the consultation.

You can use our teleconsult service for selected corporate health panels. Charges will be the same as that you pay at our clinics. Delivery is free. Surcharge of $10 applies to delivery for Sentosa.

Payment is accepted via credit card or paypal. You can set up your card payment upon registration or under your wallet settings within the Minmed Connect app.

Your past consultation records are available under the Records section of Minmed Connect app.

Security is paramount as a digital healthcare company. All records are kept secure in compliance with guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) as well as that of the Ministry of Health (MOH) Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act (PHMC).

Records are only accessible to providers involved in your care, as well as for support of internal processing. We also ensure compliance of our practices with the National Telemedicine Guidelines (NTG).

Teleconsultation episodes are not recorded in Singapore.

Teleconsultation services are available for corporate clients with services coverage and fees dependent upon your needs. Please email [email protected].

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