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Choose from any of our GP clinics near you and you will get the same care and expertise, medication and support from our doctors to get you well fast, and affordably.

Our medical clinics are accredited for Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) and Medisave for Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) Framework, and are partners with major corporate health plans.

In addition to serving you at our medical clinics, teleconsult with our doctors is also available here.

Services Available

Get Well

Consultation and Prescription
Minor Surgery
Asthma Management

Stay Well

Hypertension, Diabetes
Cholesterol Management
Family Planning

Little & Old

Developmental Assessment
Eldershield Assessment

Specific Work

Vocational Screening
Statutory Medical Examination
Advanced Medical Directive

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Other Services

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Frequently Asked Questions


Minmed Clinics are largely located in shopping malls at major MRT stations.

For location contact and operating hours, please visit here.

Executive Health Screening is available at our dedicated centre in Paragon. You may make an appointment online here. Health screening is also available at our GP clinics.

For details of packages available, please enquire at the outlet. Our doctors will be happy to assist you in making your selection.Guidelines for general health screening are available here.

We understand that there may be a need for consultation with female physicians.

For information on their availability, please email [email protected].

Our doctors are able to assess and treat infants and children.

Further services include developmental assessment as well as childhood vaccinations. Our pharmacy is likewise stocked with a comprehensive range of medication suitable for children.

Minmed provides medical services in partnership with major corporate health plans listed here.

To assist you better, kindly bring your identity documents as well as the physical card or the electronic image of your card at time of registration. Please note that verification of the card validity may be made prior to consultation.

In the event that consultation and treatment has been rendered upon invalid/expired coverage, we reserve the right to reclaim due fees from you. We are also able to endorse hard copy claims and furnish electronic invoices for you where necessary.

The Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) by the Ministry of Health (MOH) enables Singapore citizens from lower and middle income households to receive subsidies for medical care.

Our group of clinics are CHAS registered.Singapore citizens whom qualify will receive a blue or orange health assist card.

Subsidies for medical care are applicable for common medical treatments as well as management of 20 chronic conditions under the Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP):

Diabetes, hypertension, lipid disorders, stroke, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorders, dementia, osteoarthritis, anxiety, benign prostatic hyperplasia, Parkinson’s disease, nephrosis/nephritis , epilepsy, osteoporosis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, ischaemic heart disease.We also accept the Pioneer Generation (PG) card.

For more information on the CHAS scheme, please visit here.

For more information on the PG scheme, please visit here.

Minmed is a participating clinic under the Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) scheme which provides subsidized treatment, investigations and medications during disease outbreaks. Subsidies will be provided for patients with respiratory infections during the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you are diagnosed via doctors to have a respiratory infection, the cost of consultation and treatment will be subsidized as follows:

  • Singaporean and Permanent Residents, as well as eligible work permit holders (excluding foreign domestic workers and performing artistes), would pay a flat subsidised rate of $10
  • Pioneer Generation (PG) and Merdeka Generation (MG) seniors would pay a lower rate of $5¬†
  • Public Assistance (PA) cardholders need not pay. If you are consulting for non respiratory illnesses, the above rates do not apply.
  • Prevailing subsidies for CHAS/PG/Merdeka. Generation cardholders are however applicable.

For more information, visit this link.

Our clinic network functions on an integrated secure web-based platform. You do not need to re-register if you have been seen previously at any of our clinics.

In like manner, your past medical records, prescription history, MCs, referral letters and invoices are accessible via doctors during your visit.

We do not provide in-clinic after hours care. You may consider our teleconsult services here.

House call services are available through our care partners on a non-urgent appointment basis. Please email [email protected].

For urgent/emergency medical conditions, please visit the accident and emergency departments at the hospital nearest to you.

After assessment by our doctors, we may prescribe rest and issue medical certificates based on your condition and diagnosis.

DigiMC is an initiative by GovTech Singapore. It is an online version of a paper medical certificate (MC) and is accessed via a unique link under the main domain.

Minmed uses the DigiMC platform. Following your consultation, we will send a unique link for the MC issued to you via SMS. You can choose to forward this link to your employer or relevant parties.

Paper MC is available only upon request.As a computer generated MC, the doctor’s signature is not required. Authenticity of the MC is verified by way of the domain here.

For more information, please visit this link.

Minmed complies with current guidelines on COVID-19 set by Ministry of Health (MOH). Our staff undergo temperature screening daily and wear protective masks during service hours. Regular disinfection of the premises is undertaken. Social distancing measures apply in our premises.

Aerosol generating procedures (nebulisation) are suspended/avoided to reduce the risk of respiratory secretion droplets contaminating the air.

Minmed clinics are listed Swab-and-Send-Home (SASH) COVID-19 testing clinics. We are able to provide swab tests in accordance to MOH guidelines.

For more information, please visit this link.

Upon completion of consultation, medication can be prepared and supplied to you by our clinic.

You may however opt to decline this service. A physical prescription will be prepared for you so that you can fulfill this at a pharmacy. Please note that electronic prescriptions are not available.

Our doctor will review all requests for repeat prescription. Renewal can be made only if clinically indicated and is in compliance with existing medical practice guidelines.

We reserve the right not to renew medication if it is not supported or when a face-to-face consultation is necessary.

You can send your helper to accompany your child for consultation in lieu of your presence. Please however ensure the following:

Correct identity documents for verification.

Ability of the helper to present a clear medical history and answer examination questions.

Your contact number in order that we can connect with you.

Whilst possible, it is important that the child is safely managed.

In the event that this is not so, we will request a revisit with your presence for non urgent conditions.

Yes, we do. Please visit our teleconsult link here.

Yes. Pap Smear services are available at our clinics.

All our doctors are trained for this procedure. However, we understand that it may be more comfortable that the Pap Smear be conducted via a female physician. If so, please email [email protected] for arrangements.

Mammogram with/without ultrasound can be conducted at Minmed Radiology in Paragon.

Please visit this link for details.

Yes. We provide adult and childhood vaccinations. Applicable subsidies under the Medisave schemes are also available.

For more information, please visit our vaccination page.

The statutory health checkups we provide are as follows.

Vocational Check-ups

  • Maid Employment
  • Taxi/Vehicle Operator License
  • Work Permit/ Employment Pass Application and Renewal


Other Vocational License Applications

  • Employment
  • Fitness-to-Work Assessment
  • Interval Assessment



  • Immigration, Citizenship, Permanent Residency Applications and Long-Term Visit Pass applications


Admission to Tertiary Institutions

  • ITE, Polytechnic and University (Local & Overseas)


Foreign Worker Pre-Employment


Work Pass (Work Permit, S Pass and E Pass) and Work Pass Renewal Medical Check-Ups and Vocational Medical Examinations.

Our clinics operate on a cashless basis.

Our available modes of payment are: NETS, VISA/MASTER Card, GrabPay, SGQR.

You can request for Queues for a selected panel of clinics by downloading our Minmed Connect app. You can use the Queue Request feature for available clinics so long as it is within the operating hours of the clinic.

When you select Queue Request, as well as the intended clinic for a visit, the operating hours will be shown clearly.

You are advised to arrive at the clinic according to the guide given for waiting time. Should you miss your queue by more than 3 patients, the clinic may reissue a new queue number for you.

Queue request

You can request for Queues for a selected panel of clinics by downloading our Minmed Connect app. You can use the Queue Request feature for available clinics so long as it is within the operating hours of the clinic.

When you select Queue Request, as well as the intended clinic for a visit, the operating hours will be shown clearly.

You are advised to arrive at the clinic according to the guide given for waiting time. Should you miss your queue by more than 3 patients, the clinic may reissue a new queue number for you.

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