Located in the heart of town at Paragon, our centre provides radiology services in an elevated ambience, completed by service and report efficiency.

​​With affordable services and prompt turnaround time, Minmed Radiology works hard to ensure that referring physicians are supported well when providing the best care to their patients.


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General Radiology

Chest X-rays
Xray of Limbs
Abdominal Xrays

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Ultrasound Abdomen
Upper Hepatobiliary System
Ultrasound of Pelvis
Prostate Ultrasound

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Suitable for ladies aged 40 and above

Minmed Radiology Fee Schedule

(All Tests are upon Doctor’s referral only)

Ultrasound Breast

Ultrasound Prostate (Prostate + Bladder)

Ultrasound Pelvis

Ultrasound Hepatobiliary System (Liver, Gallbladder)

Ultrasound Upper Abdomen (Gallbladder, Liver, Pancreas)

Ultrasound Lower Abdomen (Kidney, Ureter, Bladder)

Ultrasound Thyroid
$129.60 (per test incl. GST)
Ultrasound Full Abdomen

Mammogram with Ultrasound Breast
$194.40 (per test incl. GST)
Chest X-Ray
$35.00 (per test incl. GST)


Frequently Asked Questions


Minmed Radiology is a diagnostic imaging centre located on Level 16 of Paragon Medical Tower.

For instructions on how to get here, please visit this link.

Available services include General Radiology, Ultrasound and Mammogram. Our equipment are fully digital. Depending on nature of the service, our report turnaround time is from 2 hours to 3 working days.

Appointments may be made online here.

Please note that appointments for radiology tests should be made, following doctors’ recommendations.

You should have your appointment made by the referring physician, or do so online with us following a radiology request made by your physician.

Please note that radiology services are not offered to you directly without advice and referral from a physician.

Specific tests may require preparation. These may include fasting before a study, appropriate attire (two piece suit).

Please refer to our pre-screening guide for instructions specific to your radiology test.

Elective radiology studies are reported within 3 working days. The report will be sent to you or your primary physician as determined at the time of registration with us.

In the event of an urgent or abnormal result, we may arrange a recall appointment with our doctors face to face or via teleconsult.

Mammogram is an X-ray that yields images of the breast to look for microcalcifications while a breast ultrasound is an imaging study that converts high speed sound waves into pictures to assess the tissues within the breasts. A mammogram is conducted by compression of each breast in turn between two flat plates for a few seconds whilst the X-ray is taken. A breast ultrasound uses a small hand-held probe to move across the breasts, and takes about 10 to 30 minutes to complete the imaging.

A breast ultrasound is useful to:

  • Evaluate the cause of breast abnormalities  
  • Determine the nature of the breast lump (fluid or solid)
  • Supplement other tests such as a mammogram or a breast MRI
  • Aid the placement of needles for procedures such as a biopsy

Breast ultrasound cannot replace a mammogram in detecting microcalcifications useful in early breast cancer detection.

Prior to screening:

  • Book your mammogram appointment at least one week after your menstrual period to avoid the period of increased breast sensitivity and tenderness that happens right before and during a menstrual period.

On the day of screening:

  • Wear a two-piece outfit as you will be required to undress from the waist up.
  • Avoid using any perfume, deodorant, powder or ointment on your underarms or breasts.

You are advised to conduct your medical check up 2 weeks after any vaccination.
If you have recently received the COVID-19 vaccination, you are advised to schedule your mammogram or breast ultrasound appointment at least 6 weeks after receiving the vaccination.