Minmed Screening Centre @ Woodlands

Minmed Screening Centre @ Woodlands at Minmed Clinic (Woodlands) comes equipped with digital X-ray and ultrasound for your executive screening needs. It is within the Woodlands Regional Hub. 

Book online for a real time appointment with a comprehensive range of screening options to match your needs.

 Yes, the blood test results come to you within a day.

What to Expect

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No fasting required

Pop by after your meal at a nearby restaurant. We have taken the pain out of fasting for screening

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Inhouse X-ray and ultrasound

One stop solution for executive health screening, including digital radiology and ultrasound studies

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Wait no more

Your blood test results come to you in 1 working day and your full report within a week

Non-Fasting Health Screening Explained

You can now skip your fasting routine and opt for a health screening slot anytime of the day.

Non-Fasting tests are just as accurate, and studies have shown no significant differences between fasted and non-fasted blood cholesterol. Diabetes screening is done using the HbA1c test.

Non-Fasting option is however not suitable for individuals with anemia, as well as those considering abdominal ultrasound tests as fasting is still required.

Minmed Health Screeners Packages

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