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Partner Us

Collaboration is the new sexy. Let’s work together and bring health to newer levels of excitement for everyone.

We welcome partnerships across all domains – fitness, nutrition, mental health, health screening, healthcare services.

Our simple belief is in a win win relationship that makes Minmed <> X stronger than the sum of its parts.

Our Value Add

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We do many things

Rhythm cycling at the vortex. Yoga barre pilates in studios. Health screening at centres, clinics, offices and homes. Digital things in our app.

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Fun is everything

Creativity knows no bounds. When our aim is 1+1=3, you can be assured that whacky, new, memorable become catchphrases of the day.

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Many know us

With a user base well above 750,000, and a brand known for imagination, technology and professionalism, the sky is the limit.

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Our Network is ready

Leverage on our 30 outlets across the island - clinics, studios and a sanctuary, and cover the island with ease everywhere.

Ideas and more


Bring your studio offerings into our network. Be our guest instructor. Deploy us where you are.


Share your work with our users. Make our health services available at preferential rates.


Join us on our roadshows, or have us deliver fun filled value packed activities at your events.


Let's join up and do our part to serve community. It is time to give back to serve and to bless.

Reach out to our partnership team today for a discussion.