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Regular health screening and check-ups are key in ensuring you live and age well.

Get your health screened at $5 or less with Screen for Life (SFL) subsidies.

Schedule your appointment to get screened at any of our CHAS-accredited Minmed Clinics today.

Eligibility and Fees

With Screen for Life’s subsidies, eligible Singaporeans pay $5 or less for screening tests.

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Pioneer Generation

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Merdeka Generation

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CHAS Green or Eligible Singaporeans

Recommended Tests

Screen For Life Females 25 yrs

25 years and above​

Screen For: Cervical Cancer

Screening Tests: Pap smear


  • Age 25 – 29: Once every 3 years
  • Age 30 and above: Once every 5 years, along with a HPV test
Screen For Life Male Females 40 yrs above

40 years and above
Male, Female

Screen For:Chronic Diseases (Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and High Blood Cholesterol)

Screening Tests: Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, Blood Cholesterol, Diabetes

Frequency: Once every 3 years

Screen For Life Male Females 50 yrs above

50 years and above
Male, Female

Screen For: Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer (females only)

Screening Tests: Fecal Immunochemical Test, Mammogram (females only)

Frequency: Once a year

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Frequently Asked Questions

Screen For Life (SFL)

Screen for Life is the national screening programme by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). Eligible Singaporeans can go for regular health screening and follow up on a subsidised basis.

Singaporeans pay up to $5 according to their eligibility, which can be checked here. The fee covers the screening tests, as well as the doctor’s consultation during the test as well as for post-screening review. Should additional visits or medication be required, additional fees may apply.

If you are between 10 to 39 years old, you will be eligible for SFL subsidy if you are determined to be at higher risk of being diabetic If you are determined to be at higher risk of being diabetic after taking the Diabetes Risk Assessment.

After checking your eligibility criteria, you may make an appointment here.

Please fast for 8 hours (no food or drinks other than plain water). You may continue taking your chronic medications, except for diabetic medicines.