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Corporate Executive Health Screening

Screening done in a deluxe setting in downtown Paragon. Safe measures in place to ensure prompt yet professional service.
Quick reporting and a doctor ready to explain your results in person or over teleconsult.
Customisable corporate executive health screening packages that are comprehensive yet affordable.

This is why people choose Minmed Health Screeners.

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Corporate Executive Health Screening FAQ

What is Minmed Health Screeners2020-08-05T12:19:15+08:00

Minmed Health Screeners is our flagship centre located on Level 16 of Paragon Medical Tower 2. It is a purpose built dedicated health screening centre providing doctor’s consultation, procedures as well as diagnostic imaging including ultrasonography, mammography, x-ray. Click here to find out more.

Fashioned with an upstyled home ambience, our service ethos is to provide a professional service within a comfortable environment. Customised health screening packages are available depending on health needs, head count and budget.

Safe health screening measures are in place to ensure prompt service.

How is Minmed Health Screeners different?2020-07-29T08:15:47+08:00

We take pride in providing quality work with exceeding value.

A focus on technology allows online booking and payment, contactless registration, pre and post screening teleconsultation as well as in-app record archival and access.

This allows service staff to concentrate on what is important – to serve well, to know the work well and to do it fast.

How can I customise?2020-07-29T08:16:30+08:00

Screening packages are built based on past health needs, head count and budget.

Choose from a comprehensive variety of blood tests, including cholesterol, diabetes, liver function, kidney function, hormones, cancer markers, urine and stool tests. Radiology options include ultrasounds, mammograms and x-rays. Procedures include vision testing and body fat analysis. Other test options include bone density, ECG and treadmill.

Pre-screening consultation is available with our doctors as part of the screening process.

How is the workflow like?2020-07-29T08:17:06+08:00

We typically receive a list of eligible participants with whom we engage to arrange for appointments. This is done electronically and appointments are safely spaced out to reduce the risk of congestion and prolonged waiting times.

Pre-screening questionnaires are completed electronically by the participant prior to the day of screening. Onsite work include measurements, doctor’s consultation and examination as well as radiology. We will dynamically arrange the above to occur such that time spent at the centre is kept to a minimum, without sacrificing quality of service.

Once the blood test and ultrasound studies are completed, a care pack containing snacks will be provided so that the participant can break fast as soon as it is practicable.

What are the benefits of doing it yearly with MHS? Do I get a corporate report?2020-07-29T08:17:45+08:00

Depending on the arrangement, we can provide corporate health profiles on a de-identified manner within a month of the last health screening. Comparative indices will be made against national health surveys and suitable recommendations will be provided as part of follow-up health programmes.

Participants who screen with us yearly will enjoy year on year trending of their health results, even if it goes back for 10 years. Our stable service staff pool are usual familiar faces to participants when they return.

What other benefits?2020-07-29T08:18:18+08:00

You may opt to have executive health screening for staff members with enhanced welfare benefits. Our corporate clients may typically blend their executive health screening work with the conduct of an onsite health screening exercise for those who cannot make it to the centre. This will allow health screening to be available to all staff on a broad based manner.

Participants whom have their screening done with Minmed will also enjoy wellness benefits such as access to our virtual workouts, virtual cooking demonstrations as well as our eCommerce store.

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