Corporate Executive
Health Screening

Screening done in a deluxe setting in downtown Paragon. Safe measures in place to ensure prompt yet professional service. Quick reporting and a doctor ready to explain your results in person or over teleconsult. Customisable corporate executive health screening packages that are comprehensive yet affordable.

This is why people choose Minmed Health Screeners.

Simple Easy Steps to get going with Corporate Executive Health Screening

Share your needs

Let us know your needs- what do you need, what was it like for past exercises, how many folks, how is the budget, when would you like it, what else can we do better for you, and we will listen to you carefully.

The together plan

Your proposal comes with one that balances needs, benefit and value. Make screening inclusive by blending it with an onsite exercise. Customise the experience with a post screening care pack.

Everything goes digital

Invitation for screening, prescreening clerking, swift electronic reporting, pre and post screening consultation, these come together with the help of technology to serve you better.

Here are some of our offerings at Minmed Health Screeners








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