Health Screening is now within our app!

Schedule your appointments, access your results and teleconsult our doctors, is now easily done within the Minmed Connect App.

Download now.


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Select your preferred screening location and book your appointment real time with instant confirmation. Change in plans? Simply cancel or reschedule within the app.


Let us serve you better at site. QR code check-ins, station flow and queue management are native so that you don't have to wait needlessly.

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In-app notification will alert you when your screening report is ready, in as soon as 1 day.

Access your report anytime.

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Your post screening teleconsult is important, and this is easily arranged by connecting with our doctors in-app.

Your Digital Health Screening Process

Creating your account

Booking your appointment

Rescheduling your appointment

Cancelling your appointment

Checking-in at site

Retrieving your Report

Editing your packages and tests