Homebased Health Screening

 You can now schedule homebased health screening appointments online and have our medical team perform the health screening checks at the comfort of your home.

What to Expect

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Skip the queue at the physical clinic and have our team over at the comfort of your home to complete your annual health check-up for you and your loved ones.

Our mobile medical team will arrive within 1 hour from your selected timing at your preferred address to perform the screening.

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Next Working Day Results

Have your results presented in an easy to understand format that comes to you in one working day.

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Secure Personalised Medical Portal

Your report is safely stored and can be securely accessed 24/7 using two factor authentications. Your medical results are retrievable anytime at our portal until you request to remove them.

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Medical Results Review

Follow-up is key, so have your complimentary review done via tele-consult with our doctors.

Package Overview


$169.00 (incl gst)


$239.00 (incl gst)


$299.00 (incl gst)


$389.00 (incl gst)


$479.00 (incl gst)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Homebased Screening

Homebased screening is conducted by our mobile teams and provides health screening, vaccination, statutory screening for foreign domestic workers in the comfort of your home.

Screening is supported by teleconsult service with our doctors. To book an appointment, please visit this link. Our administrative team will contact you for confirmation and advise on further arrangements.

Please ensure that you are home at the appointed time. The mobile team will verify your identity (NRIC/FIN/Passport).

For health screening, please prepare past health screening results (if any), as well as your current medication list.

For vaccination services, please provide your recent blood test results and/or vaccination records.

For foreign domestic worker screening, kindly provide the notification letter from Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

For health screening:

The results will typically be available on the next working day, except for selected tests and/or imaging studies. You will receive a notification via email once the results are ready. Kindly login to your account here. Please note that your report is available only after you authenticate using an SMS OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

Your health screening is complete only with a doctor’s review. You may arrange an appointment for a teleconsult review here.

For foreign domestic worker screening:

The results will typically be available within 3 working days. We will update you when the results are ready via SMS/email.

Your health screening is complete only with a doctor’s review. You are encouraged to make an appointment for complimentary teleconsult here.

Should you request a face-to-face consultation, please email [email protected].

You may also refer to our online health screening glossary.

Here are a few pointers for your reference:

  • No definite diagnosis may be made from test results alone, and test results should be correlated with your medical history and other clinical findings.
  • Screening tests may carry limitations in the capacity to identify or rule out the presence or absence of a condition. Normal test results may not necessarily mean the absence of a medical condition.
  • The majority (about 95%) of a normal population test results will fall within the normal range. About 5% of the normal population test results may be slightly above or below the normal level.
  • It is an acceptable fact that a normal person’s test results may fluctuate at different times although still within the normal range. This occurrence may be due to diet or other factors.

If you are not home at the appointed date and time, you can arrange for our mobile team to visit again on an alternate day. Please note however, that a supplementary transportation fee of $20 is payable.

Alternatively, you can consider presenting at any of our clinics on an appointment basis, to complete the screen at no added charge. Please email [email protected]

Yes, you can change your appointment date and time by emailing [email protected].

Our Mobile Team conducts health screening for you in the comfort of your home. Available packages are here. You may wish to download the Minmed Connect app and opt for a complimentary pre-screening consultation.

Upon selecting your package, you will be asked for your home location by zones. Select a date and time that is convenient for you, bearing in mind that you will need to fast for 6 hours prior to the screen. Your booking is confirmed upon completion of payment.

Should you need to change your appointment date or time, please email [email protected].

Available packages are here. You may refer to this link for recommendations on what screening tests are suitable. You may also wish to download the Minmed Connect app for a complimentary pre-screening consultation for the choice of your package.

Yes, you can download the Minmed Connect app for a complimentary pre-screening consultation for the choice of your package.

Yes, however this will be done at our screening centre, Minmed Health Screeners in Paragon.

You can discuss this with the Mobile Team whilst they are with you. Alternatively, you can email [email protected].

Yes, you can book an appointment on behalf of your family member. In like manner, they may also wish to opt for a pre-screening teleconsultation with us.

It will be ideal if you can be present with your family member, should the latter need assistance in furnishing necessary medical information at the point of screening.

Payment is made via Paypal or credit card at the point of checkout, after you have selected your package, date and time.

Yes, simply email us at [email protected] at least 3 working days before your appointment

Yes, simply email us at [email protected] at least 3 working days before your appointment. A refund will be made within 7 working days.

It is important that you are available and have fasted at the appointed date and time at home. Should you not be available, due to exceptional circumstances, you may reschedule a visit at any of our clinics for health screening. However, if you choose to reschedule another home based visit, a transportation charge of $20 will be levied.

You will need to fast for at least 6 to 8 hours prior to the appointed time. Consumption of plain water is encouraged. You may continue to take your regular medication, except for diabetic medication.

We will also request verification of your NRIC/FIN/Passport.

Should the required specimen not be available during our visit, you may drop them at any of our 8 clinics islandwide.

A health screening visit at home will typically take 20 minutes.

Our Mobile Team who can be identified by their attire and/or pass ID will verify your identity as well as package and payment details.

Further to a review of your medical history and supporting documents, we will conduct measurements of your blood pressure and weight.

Our staff are trained and certified in blood taking. Our team will obtain the specimen smoothly.

Our Mobile team are permanent staff of Minmed. They are trained and certified in blood taking and also undergo regular inhouse training so that they are equipped to serve you well.

You can arrange a Teleconsult here.

During the consultation, we will explain the nature of the findings, necessary lifestyle changes as well as appropriate referral or follow-up, if any.

The post-screening teleconsultation is complimentary.

Vaccination services are available at our clinics, you may also utilize Medisave to cover the cost of selected vaccinations.To know more about vaccinations, please visit this link.

You are advised to conduct your health screening 2 weeks after any vaccination.
If you have recently received the COVID-19 vaccination, you are advised to schedule your mammogram or breast ultrasound appointment at least 6 weeks after receiving the vaccination.

It is recommended that you wait for a period of time for certain tests. Here are some references:

Blood tests: 1 month after recovery

Chest X-ray: 1 month after recovery

Pap Smear: Not neccessary to wait

Mammogram / Breast Ultrasound : Not necessary to wait

It is recommended that you wait for a period of time for certain tests. Here are some references:

Blood tests: 2 weeks after vaccination

Chest X-ray: Not neccessary to wait

Pap Smear: Not neccessary to wait

Mammogram / Breast Ultrasound : 6 weeks after vaccination. You may still go for the tests without waiting but there might be occurrence of enlarged lymph nodes due to vaccination.


Non-fasting Health Screening  is suitable for the majority of people. It is especially useful for people with diabetes as non fasting reduces the risk of low blood sugar.

People with anemia will not be suitable for the HbA1C test as it measures the degree of sugar bonding with red blood cells.

You do not have to restrict yourself to doing the healthscreening only in the morning after a night of fasting. You may choose to do the healthscreening any time of day. It also reduces the risk of hypoglycemia in patients with diabetes

Yes they are, local studies have shown no significant differences between fasted and non fasted blood samples for cholesterol levels. HbA1C for glucose monitoring is also a well established test.

While it is not necessary to fast, we will advise avoiding alcohol or a heavy meal just before your blood test.

HbA1C is used to screen for diabetes. HbA1C tells us the blood glucose control over the last 3 months by measuring sugar molecules attached to your red blood cells. Concurrently, a non-fasted random blood glucose level is run. The normal cut off for a random blood glucose will be different from a fasted blood glucose.

If your random blood glucose or HbA1C is abnormal, you may be required to do a fasted blood glucose to confirm the diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes.

There should be no signficiant difference for your cholesterol levels between the fasted and non fasted blood samples. The cholesterol levels would be interpreted as per normal.

Abdominal Ultrasound requires at least 6 hours of fasting, thus this test will not be available in a non-fasting health screening arrangement.

If your HbA1C is borderline or your random glucose is high, your doctor may advise you to do a fasting glucose to confirm the diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes.

If your triglyceride level is extremely elevated, your doctor may advise you to do a fasted lipid panel.

Non-fasting health screening options are offered at the same price as the fasting health screening packages.

Yes, Non-fasting Health Screening options are available in the afternoons at Minmed Health Screeners and Minmed clinics.