Temasek (Female) 2023

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Including MERDEKA package components, TEMASEK includes additional Blood Analysis for Deficiency Screen such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Folate, and Iron, and 2 choices of the following tests;

• Mammogram,
• Ultrasound Breast,
• Ultrasound Prostate,
• Ultrasound Pelvis,
• Ultrasound Abdomen
• Treadmill Stress Test

Refer to the package brochure for the full scope of tests

TEMASEK Clinic Health Screening Package


Blood Analysis
Deficiency Screen
– Vitamin D
– Vitamin B12
– Folate
– Iron

Other Tests
Choice of 2 tests:
– Mammogram
– Ultrasound Breast
– Ultrasound Prostate
– Ultrasound Pelvis
– Ultrasound Abdomen
– Treadmill Stress Test

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