Why You Should Go for Health Screening

Why you should go for health screening

Explore the Benefits of Health Screening

Health Screening is the first step you can take to safeguard your health. It helps to find out if you have a particular condition before the onset of symptoms, so that early detection, treatment and control can result in better outcomes and also reduces the risk of any serious complications. 

What is Health Screening?

Health screening involves the use of tests, physical examinations and/ or procedures to detect conditions in people who look or feel healthy. These tests are not to be mistaken with diagnostic or follow up tests which may be done routinely for example: every 3 or 6 months and when the individual shows signs and symptoms of a condition.  

Why you should go for Health Screening?

Health Screening helps to detect diseases early.  It also helps to monitor your current status of health and also for those with a family history of certain chronic diseases to detect any early symptoms. 

Treatment and good control of the condition mitigates complications that may arise if the disease were to progress. 

When you should start to go for Health Screening?

Individuals aged 18yrs and above should be screened for obesity and high blood pressure. Annual screening for high cholesterol and diabetes is recommended for persons 40 yrs and above. No one test fits all, please click here for more information on our wide array of health screening packages.  

Here are some tests and their functions for which can be included in your test package: 

Obesity ‚Äď Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist Circumference¬†

High Blood Pressure ‚Äď Blood pressure measurement¬†

High Blood Cholesterol ‚Äď Fasting lipids and Non Fasting Lipids¬†

Diabetes ‚Äď Fasting blood glucose, HbA1c¬†

We provide full health check up services for both individuals and corporates.  

Where you can go for Health Screening?

Book an appointment with Minmed Health Screeners,  a dedicated health screening centre in Paragon with services such as in house ultrasound and radiology

What happens after Health Screening? 

Your results will only be complete with a doctor’s review.  It is recommended for you to have your doctor review your test results with you.  Book here to consult your doctor online. If your  results are normal, you should continue to go for regular screening tests at the recommended frequency from your doctor. This is because a health screening can only pick up conditions that are present at the time the tests are done. Any conditions that may develop after the previous screening can then be detected by regular screening. 

 If your results are abnormal, you should see your doctor immediately. Do remember to also include appropriate healthy lifestyle changes in your diet, exercise and include medications if necessary to improve your health.