8 Tips for your COVID-19 Vaccination

8 tips for your covid-19 vaccination

 You’ve done it – you waited to be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, you registered your interest and you got an appointment. Now you ask yourself, what should I do before the vaccination? Here are 8 tips to help you prepare for your vaccination appointments.

 1.  Avoid Alcohol before your vaccination appointment

 Avoid consuming alcohol at least 24 hours before your vaccination. This will help your body respond better to the vaccine, as alcohol can suppress the immune response.

2.  Wear a loose shirt / sleeveless shirt on the day of your appointment

As the needle is inserted near your shoulder, it is advisable to wear a shirt with loose sleeves (or none at all!) as it will allow you to roll up your sleeves comfortably, making it easier for the vaccine to be administered.

3. Download your favorite show on your phone the night before

As you are required to be under observation for 30 minutes after vaccination, have something to help you spend the time while you stay under the care of our dedicated medical personnel. 

4. Set a Calendar reminder for your second jab

A full COVID-19 vaccination consists of 2 doses, 21 days apart for Pfizer-BionNTech and 28 days apart for Moderna. The calendar reminder will help you remember that you have a second dose coming up. It is also encouraged to defer all other vaccinations for at least 2 weeks.

5. Practice your smiles

Join the #iamvaccinatedsg movement and encourage others to be vaccinated! Smile and take a selfie at our pretty selfie wall after your 30 minutes observation.

6. Download Minmed Connect for Complimentary Teleconsult 

There are some possible side effects you might experience from the COVID-19 vaccine. Not to worry, Minmed is providing you with a complimentary Teleconsult for any side effects arising from the COVID-19 vaccination. Just download Minmed Connect mobile app and teleconsult a Minmed doctor if you have any side effects from the vaccination. Your well-being is our top priority. Find out more on: 

7. Enjoy  your Perks after your COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccination has its privileges. Follow @iamvaccinatedsg on Facebook and Instagram) and redeem exclusive deals at participating merchants. Find out more on

8. Get HealthHub app to track your COVID-19 vaccination records

Access your COVID-19 vaccination records via HealthHub, including information such as type of vaccine, batch number, place and date you are vaccinated. 

Want to learn more about COVID-19 vaccination? Head on to and keep yourself up to date.