Common Misconceptions of Health Screening

Common Misconceptions of health screening

Going for your regular health screening is key in keeping your health in check. However, there are still some avoiding their regular health screenings. Let us explore the common misconceptions about health screening that people have.


“I am still young and healthy, I don’t need health screening”


Many think that health screening is meant for older people when chronic conditions are more prevalent. However, this is untrue.


With an increasingly sedentary lifestyle ( poor diet, lack of exercise etc), the prevalence of chronic conditions is rising, even in young adults. Many chronic conditions may present with no symptoms and go untreated. With health screening, we can detect diseases such as diabetes and begin management earlier.




“Blood tests are for unhealthy people, i am feeling healthy therefore i do not need it”


There are many conditions without symptoms while in early stages, hence it can be only identified with regular health screening. 


It is important that you go for your regular health checks to ensure that you remain healthy. With regular screening, it will provide a baseline for doctors to assess your health during subsequent consults and may aid in diagnosis and management.



“I only need a basic health screening”


The type of screening you go for depends on many factors, such as your lifestyle, family history and age.  You should choose one that is suitable for your needs. Speak to our doctor during your health screening to recommend one for you. 

There is no one size fit all packages for everyone, therefore it is important that you choose one that is suitable for your needs. 


“Health screening is a hassle and very expensive”


Many feel that the price of a comprehensive health check is expensive and not necessary, however, the cost of delayed detection may potentially be higher. Not only in monetary terms, but also in terms of quality of life. If the conditions worsen and are kept unchecked, the cost for treatment may potentially cost more than the health screening.


At Minmed, our executive health screening packages are designed to be comprehensive and affordable, with 6 different packages suitable for different groups of people. If you are a busy executive and prefer to do the health screening at the comfort of your own home, we have Home-Based health screening packages that you can consider.



“Health Screening is a long and tedious process”


With a well-designed health screening centre that prioritizes the comfort of our clients, health screening with Minmed is a streamlined and comfortable experience. All procedures are done in-house, so you do not have to travel to multiple locations to complete your regular health screening and our experienced staff will make the process fast and carefree. 


Results of your screening are also available next working day, hence you do not have to wait long for your results.


Keep your health in check today with our executive health screening packages or Home-Based health screening packages if you prefer to have your health screening done at the comfort of your own home.